8 Incredible Time Lapses

Who doesn’t love a time lapse showing a beautiful sunset or a storm rolling in? We’ve decided to compile the best time lapse videos we’ve seen, showcasing anything from dust storms, thunderstorm formations, rainbows, and more. Enjoy!

Phoenix, Arizona endured a rainy storm and received nearly two inches of rain in an hour. Watch as the storm engulfs the city and erases the skyline:

There are two cameras used for this time lapse. The first camera faces east and catches a double rainbow after the storm dissolves and the second camera faces southwest and catches a shelf cloud as the storm approaches:

Earlier this hurricane season, Tropical Storm Javier was forming on the coast of Mexico. This time-lapse displays the storm’s impact on the city of Manzanillo:

FSU Coastal and Marine Lab near the Big Bend of Florida took this next time lapse. It was taken during a time of heavy rains, but luckily they were able to capture a wonderful day:

A haboob is a gust of wind that forces dust outward. In Scottsdale, Arizona there was a haboob that brought so much dust that visibility was reduced to just 1/8 of a mile:

Virginia Tech and Weather Stem sent in this cool time lapse. Storms are visibly moving in and out of the area throughout the day and you can see the valley fog dissipate as the sun gets higher in the sky:

Take a look at this massive dust storm swallowing an airport in Phoenix, AZ. Planes are ready to take off when it spookily rolls onto the runway:

This time lapse is taken from Beaver Stadium at Penn State University. Take in the beautiful mountain scenery, the sunrise, the storms, and a brief rainbow:

Which one is your favorite time lapse? Comment below!

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  1. Haboob at the airport is awesome the rain in Florida is terrible.👍🏻Haboob👎🏻Florida rain

  2. FSU Coastal & Marine Lab has my vote. I love how the clouds are going in 3 different directions at once! Watched that three times, I’m going to watch it again!

  3. Too awfully good to pick just one, but the airport dust-storm reminds me of a frightening experience of similar nature.

  4. JOHN S — NJ // I like the haboob that engulfgs the airport. The planes running around are funny-looking in time lapse. Some storm chaser needs to get a time-lapse of a tornado. I know there are enough of them out there so, where is it ?

  5. Definitely the two haboob time lapses! Time lapses of storms are great, but the haboob time lapses are super cool! I like the time lapse of the haboob approaching the airport the best!

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