The 5 Biggest Halloween Storms of All Time

What could be scarier than a dark, looming storm on Halloween night? We’ve rounded up five of the biggest and most impactful storms to take place on October 31st. Try not to get too spooked!

2011 Halloween Nor’easter

Photo Courtesy: Daniel Spase via Unsplash

During late October 2011, this nor’easter’s snowfall broke records in at least 20 cities from Washington D.C. to Boston. More than three million people lost power, and schools, businesses, and streets had to close down for days. The northeast and it’s trick-or-treaters had a rare “white Halloween” that year, causing many towns postpone trick-or-treating and other Halloween festivities until the snowstorm died down, power was restored, and life could resume normally again.

Halloween Solar Storms of 2003

Photo Courtesy: V2osk via Unsplash

From October 17th- November 7th in 2003, a very strange and rare weather phenomenon occurred in the atmosphere. Seventeen enormous flares erupted on the sun, which caused the sun’s magnetic field lines to stretch so far they eventually snapped “like a rubber band”. There were major explosions on the sun’s surface and the effects were seen on Earth. The most vivid effect was the increase of auroras, bright colorful lights usually seen at high altitudes. On this fateful Halloween night, auroras could be seen from the North Pole all the way to Florida!

1997 Omaha Snowstorm

Photo Courtesy: Caleb George via Unsplash

Around October 31, 1997, a snowstorm hit Omaha, NE that doubled the previous record for snowfall from back in 1898. Snowfall was measured from 8″-23″ from Nebraska to Omaha. People lost power and huddled in their houses to stay warm and protected from the falling trees that collapsed under the weight of up to two feet of sudden snow. Two thirds of the region’s tree canopy was damaged during this storm, and overall the storm cost $50 million in damage.

1991 Perfect Storm

Photo Courtesy: Marcus Woodbridge via Unsplash

This devastating storm started October 29, 1991 as a low pressure system in the Atlantic. The storm grew into a powerful cyclone, bringing high waves and coastal flooding all along the east coast. When the storm because a full-fledged hurricane, the National Hurricane Center decided to leave the storm unnamed. Later it was coined “The Perfect Storm.” The events of the storm were depicted in the popular movie, “Perfect Storm.”

1991 Halloween Blizzard

Photo Courtesy: Monjur Hasan via Unsplash

While the Perfect Storm was taking it’s toll on the east coast, it was also blocking normal weather patterns across the midwest. As a result, the midwest experienced early snowfall and low temperatures, causing the ’91 Halloween blizzard. There was record-breaking snowfall in some areas, but the Halloween festivities continued on.

Did you live through or remember any of these storms? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve been around awhile seen a lot of storms,But my worse storm was Blizzard of 1977 me n a friend got caught in was hell getting home.

  2. Iast year at Christmas Eve it was about 70 full moon redesih .It was the warmest Christmas Eve I remembered At Endwell,NY

  3. one day in December there was a record breaking snow measurements.there was at least 4 feet of snow.the only sound you could hear was the sound of tree branches breaking.every body in jenkins lost power that day but then the snow let up and everybody resumed life once again

  4. Last year On December 25, 2015 We thought a snowstorm was gonna hit but there is no snowstorm!

  5. I lived in Council Bluffs Iowa (across the Missouri River from Omaha) in 1997. We had power and opened our home to relatives with no power for 2 weeks until they could return home safely.

  6. Wow I hardly ever get to see snow even though it causes a lot of problems I wish I could experience it at least once

  7. I was in Connecticut visiting back in 2011, during that horrible Wet Snowstorm. Dropped about a foot plus snow and wind. I couldn’t sleep that night, because of the crackling of limbs falling down. The power went out, and the Generac Generator malfunction after midnight. I didn’t pack heavy winter cloths. I’m from Orlando, Florida. The storm was awful!

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