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2018 was a wild year in weather. It started off with a bang with Winter Storm Grayson in the northeast and never lost pace throughout the seasons. The US saw record-breaking tornado outbreaks, intense earthquakes, historic hurricanes, devastating wildfires, and more. Needless to say, 2018 kept everyone at The Weather Channel on their toes. So we want to know… How did the weather impact you this year?


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  1. The weather in 2018 was crazy mixed up. We need 4 distinct seasons to have things go much more normal.

  2. ugh to the tenth degree. it is January first and i freaking saw a misquito on my leg. WAY to warm and rainy, and I went thru TWO hurricanes. oh well. could be worse. shout out to Jim Cantore 🙂

  3. We had one storm that came out of nowhere, and literally went on a rampage with hurricane force winds, trees down, uprooted, half of town without power, etc.

  4. Central Illinois weather:
    this year began cold with lots of snow. it began warming up in march until a stray Easter storm dumped 4 inches of snow on the ground. it was cold the beginning part of the year but on the 15th, the cold spell ended and it was much warmer, almost like summer! for May-July it was hot with temps in the 80’s-90’s all through the summer with very little rain. by the middle of August however, the rain came at once as the average temperature fell to the high70’s and it rained almost every week, nearly every day for August-October. by October, the rain was changing to snow with our first snowfall coming in early October. the average temperature had now fallen to the 40’s and was getting closer to the 30’s when we had our first major snowfall (2″ or more) in the middle of November. but around November 25, a large blizzard came and dumped another 4 inches of snow n the ground, cancelling school the next day. after that happened, a gradual warming started. the week ended with temperatures in the 50’s and the development of a large supercell thunderstorm that formed just south of me. it would produce 29 tornadoes and cause lots of damage. it would become the largest December outbreak, and 3rd largest in Illinois history. after that, it would remain cold with some temperature swings. by Christmas, however. the temperature would reach 50 degrees. it has been a wild year in weather but it is not over yet! we still have a few more days to see what nature throws at us!

  5. Very cold start to 2018 in Wisconsin, led to ice being on the Northern lakes until start of May. Summer was average, strong storms hit North and South of Milwaukee but the big city was spared any strong to severe weather. I caught sight of possibly my first rope tornado in September on my way through Weston, but no touchdowns reported.

  6. In coastal San Diego, our apartments were built for a climate of another era when A/C was seldom needed. We had some persistent warm and humid conditions this summer, and the last five summers have been particularly uncomfortable. Hottest August on record in 2018 and with sea surface temperatures as high as 80 F, the sea breeze wasn’t at all refreshing.

  7. We was in Sturgis,Sd went through a hail storm which we never want to do again totaled our car damaged cargo trailer and rv was not fun.

  8. For, behold, the Lord shall come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. (Is 66:15) – Harvey, Maria, Irma= gay marriage- fires got the wine country CA in 2017 ,too. Florence, Michael= tobacco fields N.C. 2018 …the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.(Na 1:3) Judgement Day began May 21, 2011 I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top (Ps. 102:7)

    1. what? not every freaking rain drop is because God is pissed off at somebody. Oh I am a christian and there will be a day of reconing, but trust me, it will be a world wide event beyond anything our fragile human minds could ever comprehend, so just chill for Heaven’s sake.

        1. riiiiiiiiight…….not that these things are not bad, but God and Jesus will come with something more impressive than a hurricane. four horsemen……armegetton……sorry for spelling that wrong…….you get the idea.

  9. I think that our year in Western Nebraska was average. We didn’t really have any flash flooding, although we did have some thunderstorms that were heavy enough to cause some local roadways to become flooded for several hours. We did have snowstorms. We also had some tornadic activity in the surrounding counties, but not in ours.

  10. the year 2018 wasn’t too bad. I loved the snow that we got, spring was great, and summer was awesome!

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