The 2018-2019 Winter Storm Names Have Been Revealed!

Today’s the day, weather geeks! The Weather Channel has released its list of the 2018-2019 winter storm names. You’ll likely be seeing these names quite often over the next few months, so go ahead and familiarize yourself now!

You might be wondering (as people do every year), ‘Why does The Weather Channel name winter storms?’ Naming storms helps people keep track of potentially dangerous systems and understand what risks they’re at so they can properly prepare their loved ones and properties.

The naming of winter storms is declared off of two key, objective criteria: whether two million people are in a “warning zone” (as defined by the National Weather Service), or if a 400,000 square kilometer territory is going to be affected. The Weather Channel’s naming of storms aids communication for impactful weather events and helps emergency managers to convey to city governments the severity of a storm.

Watch The Weather Channel throughout every season of the year to stay on top of what’s going on in your area, get safety information, and more. Do you know anyone with a name on the list? Tell us your thoughts about this year’s names below, and be on the lookout for Winter Storm Avery… It’ll get here sooner than you think!

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  1. Dr. @tniziol, here is an explanation of the OFFICIAL list of the 2018–2019 winter storm names for this winter. I am excited to name winter storms again! #happywxgeek 😄
    Avery: Old English surname meaning “elf ruler”
    Bruce: Scottish surname meaning “from the town of Bruis”; refers to the town of Brix in France 🇫🇷
    Carter: Middle English surname meaning “one who uses a cart”
    Diego: short form of Santiago, the Spanish name meaning “Saint James”; Latinized as Didacus, who derives from the Greek word didache, meaning “teaching” 🇪🇸🇬🇷
    Eboni: African-American variant of Ebony, meaning “dark black-wooded tree”
    Fisher: cognate of the German occupational name Fischer, meaning “fisherman” 🇩🇪🎣
    Gia: short form of the Italian name Gianna, meaning “God is gracious” 🇮🇹
    Harper: Old English surname that belonged to a person who either played the harp or made harps
    Indra: ancient Hindu warrior god of both the sky and rain 🙏⛰☔️
    Jayden: American form of Jaden, meaning “thankful” or “he will judge” in Hebrew ✡⚖
    Kai: Hawaiian word meaning “ocean” or “sea” 🏝🌊
    Lucian: English and Romanian form of Lucianus, meaning “light” 🇷🇴💡
    Morgan: Celtic name of Welsh origin meaning “sea chief” or “sea defender”
    Nadia: Slavic transcription of the name Nadya, meaning “hope”
    Oren: Hebrew word meaning “pine tree”
    Petra: Greek word meaning “rock”; feminine form of the name Peter; she was also the name of an ancient city in the region that is now Jordan 🐚🇯🇴
    Quiana: African-American variant of Qiana, meaning “singer”
    Ryan: Irish surname meaning “little king” 🇮🇪👑
    Scott: English and Scottish surname that refers to either a person from Scotland or a person who speaks Scottish Gaelic
    Taylor: English surname meaning “one who tailors clothes”
    Ulmer: German surname meaning “famous wolf” 🇩🇪🐺
    Vaughn: Welsh surname meaning “little” or “small”
    Wesley: Old English surname meaning “west meadow”
    Xyler: Medieval Basque variant of Zilar, meaning “silver”
    Yvette: French feminine form of the name Yves, meaning “yew” 🇫🇷
    Zachary: Hebrew word meaning “remembered by God”; derives from Zacharias, a name used in most English versions of the New Testament 🕍📖

    What a terrific list of winter storm names The Weather Channel put together this season! Let us beware of whatever Mother Nature throws at us this winter. #winteriscoming 🤓❄️🌨☃🌬

  2. *️⃣ ERROR ALERT *️⃣ Dr. @tniziol, we used Maya in the 2016–2017 list of winter storm names. I request that we replace Maya with Morgan, a Celtic name of Welsh origin that means “sea chief” or “sea defender”. However, the last name on this season’s list is also my middle name. Yippee! Congrats on releasing this list today!  😎👍 #winteriscoming #timetonamewinterstormsagain ❄️🌨☃🌬

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