They’re Here! The 2017-2018 Winter Storm Names

Winter is right around the corner which means The Weather Channel has released the brand new list of 2017-2018 winter storm names. This year the names are all based on 2016’s most popular baby names. Check out the meanings of each name below!

Aiden: From an Old Irish name meaning fire.  

Benji: Short for Benjamin, and old Hebrew name meaning son of the south.

Chloe: From Greek, it is a reference to blooming or the young green shoot of a new plant.

Dylan: From Welsh words meaning great tide.

Ethan: From a Hebrew name meaning strong, solid, or firm.

Frankie: A nickname for Frank, Francis, or Frances from the Germanic tribe the Franks.

Grayson: From the Middle English word that meant steward plus son.

Hunter: From the time when people in England were named for their work.

Inga: Related to the name of a people who lived on the North Sea called the Ingaevones.

Jaxon: From the son of Jack, which was a nickname for John in the Middle Ages.

Kalani: From the Hawaiian words meaning the plus heaven or sky.

Liam: From Irish, a short form of William, which comes from German.

Mateo:The Spanish form of Matthew, which is distantly derived from the Hebrew word for gift.

Noah: Derived from the Hebrew word meaning rest.

Oliver: The English form of the French name Olivier.

Polly: From Molly, which is an old nickname for Mary.

Quinn: Derived from an Irish Gaelic word meaning chief or counsel.

Riley: Derived from Reilly, which comes from the Old Irish name Raghailleach.

Skylar: A modified version of Tyler merged with the word sky.

Toby: Derived from Tobias, a name from old versions of the Bible.

Uma: From multiple cultures including the Sanskrit word meaning tranquility.

Violet: Originally from the name for the Latin name for the flower, viola.

Wilbur: Mr. Ed’s owner in the TV show about a talking horse.

Xanto: From the Ancient Greek name Xanthus meaning blonde.

Yvonne: Related to a nickname for the Old French name Yves, which came from the name of a type of wood used to make bows.

Zoey: Derived from the Greek word for life.

The Weather Channel has been assigning winter storm names since the 2012-13 winter season. The science of naming winter storms follows a quantitative method to define potential winter-related impacts to the US on a national scale. Criteria to name a winter storm includes impacts to a minimum of 2 million people or an area of at least 400,000 sq. km., plus the area must be under or is expected to go under NWS Winter Storm Warnings.

What are your thoughts about this year’s storm names? Did your name make the cut?

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  1. Yes, I think it’s all just so cute! But what it really is is just a bunch of Winter “Theatrics” to DISTRACT us from THIS hard-to-digest truth which the weather channel refuses to either acknowledge or discuss: jeoenginered whether. I’ve had to misspell these words, since the W.C. refuses to EVER allow any comments on whehter modiphication–they’re quickly deleted. Naming winter storms is part of the “fun” of keeping you distracted from what is really happening with our weather. Will they ever discuss Solar radiaashun management, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection or Chenical Ice Nucleashun for whether modiphication?  Likely never since the W.C. is knee deep in this stuff.   I do NOT think that naming these totallyh engineeered storms is funny, BUT it would be fun if the scientists at the whether channel could manage to TEST some of this precipitation for alumeennum, bartium and other toxic compounds that now make our snow unsafe to eat! !

  2. Does anyone know the answer to these two questions? First, during what calendar period are winter storms assigned names? Second, are all storms during that calendar period assigned winter storms names or just storms that produce winter-type precipitation, e.g. snow, sleet, etc?

    1. @philliesfan, firstly, we usually name winter storms between late autumn and early spring (i.e., mid-November to early April). The latest named winter storm was in late May 2013 with Winter Storm Alpha I.
      Secondly, there are specific criteria to name winter storms. Those include a certain minimum population of at least two million (2,000,000) people and/or area coverage of at least 400,000 square kilometers (about the size of Montana).
      In addition to both population and area coverage, the area must be under or expect to go under NWS Winter Storm Warnings (e.g., blizzard, heavy snow, ice storm, winter storm). Furthermore, the warnings last at least twelve (12) hours long. Watches treat the same way.
      I hope that the information that I have given you helps you out. 😀

  3. Just got the T-shirt, hat and mug in the mail. Thanks. However, the mug is in a thousand pieces. The package came FedEx and the mug was wrapped in bubble wrap, but there was nothing indicating fragile on the envelope.

    1. @haleybrennan, I proclaim that #Kalani is your nickname from now on. In fact, here is a headline with that name. “Kalani Gives Mauna Loa a Tropical Snowcap for the Ages”. #kalanitimebaby 😀

    2. Just got the T-shirt, hat and mug in the mail. Thanks. However, the mug was in a thousand pieces. ANy chance you could send another one?

        1. Just received the new mug and am enjoying coffee with it this morning. Thanks so much for the replacement. It is so huge and I know it will get a lot of use. Thanks again!

        2. @haleybrennan, this year’s list of winter storm names also provides a new song for pop icon Madonna. It is titled, “Mateo Boy” (parody of her smash hit “Material Girl”). #madonnasnewhit 😀

    1. @payton, here is a headline that might make you laugh. “Winter Storm #Uma Blankets Batman and Robin in a Blizzard”. #snowfrompoisonivy 😀

    1. Here is a new comic headline. “Wilbur Meets Garfield; Both Become Best Friends”. #petlovewinteredition 😉

  4. Glad to see my name isn’t on there, but my niece’s is, lol. I thought they said something about naming the winners today, but haven’t seen anything yet.

    1. Are you ready for a winter wedding headline? “Riley and Saoirse Have a Gay Ole Wedding in Limerick”. #Irishmatrimony 😀

  5. Q: what do they say in Westeros when they see Tom Niziol?
    A: “Winter is coming!”

    1. Please do NOT confuse the name “Chloe” with the name “Khloé”, which has an accent mark on the “e” (e.g., Khloé Kardashian). ¿Comprende? 🌨❄️

    1. Here is a cute headline: “Snowstorm Violet Dyes @stormeagle‘s Hair Purple”. Another headline might articulate, “Oliver and Skylar Marry in a Snowstorm”. #wxnamingheadlines 😀

    1. @jacquiwv, are you ready to see Hunter and Wilbur on the next season of “The Bachelorette”? Either could get engaged to the bachelorette. #winterstormbachelorpad 😀

  6. If I am not mistaken, some of the storm names are repeats. Also, how can the interpretation of some of the names relate to peacefulness, when a storm is anything but peaceful.

    1. This just in.  Both Chloe and Toby engage in a snowball fight and go directly to jail for disturbing the peace.  #winternamesinascrum 😉

  7. I saw almost all of the one’s I selected, so who is the wieners hehehe?

    1. @ayeal, for next year’s list of winter storm names, The Weather Channel should include “Saoirse” (pronounced SUR-sha), the Irish word meaning “freedom”. #ErinGoBragh 🙂

    1. Just have to comment… didn’t the National Weather Service choose the names? There was a controversy about this last winter season

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