10 Things To Do When It’s So Cold That You Don’t Want To Go Outside

It’s been cold–VERY COLD–across the US this week.  Some of you love it, more of you hate it, and, well, some of you just have no idea what to do with it.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Whether you’ll be experiencing your first big snowfall or are exposed to freezing temperatures regularly, our list of things to do will keep you occupied all winter long!

1. Finally write that book you’ve always wanted to.

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to write a novel, publish your memoirs, create your own comic book, or leave an eternal legacy in some way.  What better time to do it than now (assuming that your fingers aren’t too frozen to write!).  Pour yourself some coffee, grab a notebook or computer, and let your creative ideas flow!

2. Come up with 100 Pinterest recipes using only milk, bread, and eggs.

Every time there’s even a threat of snow, especially in an area that’s not used to it, people ransack groceries stores, with a particular focus on buying up all the milk, bread, and eggs. I’ve often wondered what the importance of those three particular items is and why EVERYONE wants to buy them, but where I see questions, you see opportunities!  Your ingenious recipes can keep people occupied in the next major snowstorm (or, if you’re in the south, a brush with some flurries).

3. Channel your inner Kevin McAllister.

The holiday season is just in our rear view mirror, which means there’s a good chance you recently watched Home Alone.  It’s freezing cold outside and, who knows, maybe the sticky bandits are in YOUR neighborhood.  Burglar proof your house by pouring water all over your steps and you’ll be safe from home invasions for at least a few days*.

4. Clean  your house.

It’s not fun, but someone has to do it.  If it’s too cold to leave the house, you might as well be productive in it, right?

5. Start that New Year’s diet.

Another year has come and gone and, darn it, it’s finally time to get that body you’ve always wanted.  You can’t (or don’t want to) leave the house, so you’ve probably gotten tired of all the carbs and high cholesterol from your milk, bread, and eggs meals.  Sounds like a perfect time to start convincing yourself that a bowl of quinoa and kale DOES sound delicious.  After all, once you finally make it out of the house, ANY food will sound good…

6. Try a new delivery service.

…but, if you’re like me, you’ll never be able to convince yourself that quinoa and kale sounds like a scrumptious meal, so why not force other people to go get food for you?  Uber Eats and Instacart are just two new-ish ways to get just about any food you want delivered right to your door!  Sign up and give them a try if you feel like a little variety without leaving the comfort of your home.

7. Stay in bed.  Allllll day.

There’s not much that brings me more joy than being able to wrap myself up in 30 blankets and just cozy up in my bed all day long.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a lazy Sunday (and Monday…and Tuesday…and…).  You’re the boss of you.  Don’t leave your bed until you say you’re ready!

8. Figure out what’s happened to Will Smith’s career.

He was the Fresh Prince.  A Man in Black.  He saved the world in Independence Day.  He got Jiggy Wit It.  And now he’s starring in Bright, which is, by all accounts, a dumpster fire of a movie that went straight to Netflix.  One of the biggest stars of the last 25 years is in a bit of a cold spell (see what I did there?).  Where did he go wrong?  Can he get back on top of his game?  Will his upcoming role as the Genie in Aladdin turn his career back around?  Call up a friend and pontificate.

9. Dance like no one’s watching.

It’s a quote you might see in a high school yearbook or a post on Facebook, but does anyone actually take it seriously?  I doubt it.  Well you know what, now you can actually dance like no one is watching.  Why?  Because it’s freezing cold outside and no one wants to venture out just to see you!  Be ridiculous.  Be crazy.  Have fun.  After all, it’ll be your little secret.

10. Embrace it!

If nothing else works for you, then you might as well just dive right in and embrace the cold weather.  Maybe you’ll appreciate the quiet calmness that unusual cold weather brings to your area.  Or maybe you’ll build a snowman for the first time in 20 years.  Figure out how you can appreciate this exceptionally cold weather because who knows when you’ll see it again!

Have your own tips?  Let us know how you’ll be enjoying (or hiding from) the cold weather!

*Note: Our legal team strongly advises against freezing the steps outside your house.

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